Welcome to my Website!

Apologies for idiosyncracies on this website, i've been dealing with a mixture of depression and a multitude of chronic illneses. A lot of things have fallen on the wayside.

This website currently hosts a bit of Voltron: Legendary Defender fanfiction laid out in an experimental format. I lost interest in Voltron and the beginning is too scary for me to try picking it up again, I waffle on whether or not I'll continue it. It's good to finish things you start and the project has cool elements so I'm thinking about it. There's a good chance I won't finish Voltron before I finish the fanfic, leaving the idiosyncracies.

Here's a link to the outline to that fanfic, with links to the individual parts contained in their descriptions:

This text is strong and this text is emphasized.

I added an image of a spider I thought was cute at the time.

This is an incomplete list of the other stories and other things I want to work on eventually:


This is an incomplete list of the other stories I had wanted to work on and am not sure about anymore:

Below is a game I (made? am making? if it's am making it's based on a paid tutorial i'm not sure i'll finish either.) based on a free Udemy game making exercise by Chris Deleon

My favourite webcomics right now are Homestuck and the Hob storyline of Dresden Codak, the latter of which I link below: